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Monday, December 5, 2011

Is it Okay if I call You mine?

"If I ask of you is it all right
If I ask you to hold me tight
Through a cold, dark night
'Cause there may be a cloudy day in sight
And I need to let you know that I might
Be needing your love.." 

I've been loving you..
longer than i can ever recall..
I've been longing for you..
more than you will ever know..

Now, that you're near..
and life has given me this wonderful chance..
i won't ever let it pass me by
it's time you should know how i feel...

I love you...
I'm not asking for you to return the feelings..
i'm just asking for a chance...
Maybe; somehow, when you hear these words..
you will feel how sincere I am to be with you in life

Let me take care of you
Let me show you what good things love can bring
Let me cherish you on endless time
Darling, is it okay if i call you mine?

-Makaveli G's thoughts-

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