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Friday, December 23, 2011

… and Christmas caught my eyes! – Christmas Mix

23rd of supposed Christmas month; still working my @ss-out! This isn’t bringing a holiday’s mood… then, I heard a Christmas song just around the corner. Ah! Yeah! It’s Christmas time! My eyes were opened by the gifts on my table; greetings I heard from smiling faces of people and friends around me made me feel the love, love, love! :) Then I smiled; I guess Christmas just caught my eyes!

There’s no denying; busy or not.. It’s Christmas time!

Then I paused and wrote about this. I know the best gift anyone can give this Christmas is love. Spread the love people! Share the blessings especially to those who are in dire need.

Since I am on a Christmas mood and 'twas because of the Christmas song I heard; I scouted for nice Christmas mix. Initially browsed on DJ el Reynolds mix in mixcrate; but, seems my dear DJ missed this one out :) so, instead, I searched for other DJ’s mixes and got one down here from DjRj.
Thanks DjRj for this Christmas song mix. Appreciate it much!

And now, I am sharing this with you dear readers :) Love, love, love this Christmas!

Enjoy listening guys and keep the "Likes" coming! :)

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