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This page tells you who the besties are at work, at home, when in love, and when dealing with everything about life! Followers can POST Questions and the ANSWERS will be blogged in here :)

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Get up-close and personal with GINA
Get up-close and personal with TENG
Get up-close and personal with RISA 
Getting Personal with JOJO

"When the going gets Rough; the TOUGH gets GOING". This could be the best inspirational quote that can best describe who the BESTIES are. The friendship started as colleagues in one of the schools in Quezon City where they met as teachers. Yes, BESTIES are teachers by profession; however, most of them already changed their career paths.. some went on the field of medicine; some went on the field of business; some stays in the teaching field but in different schools. 

It is evident that Besties had long been friends; 'twas about 14 years when the friendship started. Evidences showed through faded pics and mementos; as well as, the many stories that had been told; repeated and re-told ;)

The question is, what makes the BESTIES closer and stronger as friends? Who exactly they really are? How are they nowadays?

Get hold on your feet, as besties up close and personal reveals the secret :)

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