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Sunday, February 6, 2011

BESTIES' Boracay adventure

 Adventure Date: October 9-12 2009
Destination: The infamous BORACAY Island

Besties Travel Options:

Philippines is gifted with scenery and places that would make one feel how paradise would look like.One of them is the infamous BORACAY; where travelers here and abroad never fail to visit or at least dream of visiting someday. It is situated in the heart of Western Visayas of Aklan and is famous for its long stretch of fine, white sand and the greenery that surround it.

A quick way of going to Boracay is via air travel. And since Boracay doesn't have its own airport as the island size won't permit; tourists can choose landing to Aklan or Caticlan Airports. Unfortunately, Caticlan Airport was not in good shape for landing at the time we chose to travel; so, we opted to land in Aklan.

The choice to fly would entails draining a few more money from your pockets; since airfare is relatively expensive than tickets for ferry. Airfare's average cost would be two thousand pesos. So if you have plans of going to Boracay, buy your tickets when airfare promos are available. There are multitudes of promos offered a year-round by Cebu Pacific, PAL, Zest Air and Airphils for Manila-Kalibo and Manila-Caticlan flights.That's what we did. We booked our flights on Cebu pacific airlines, 3 months prior to Besties' target date and got almost 40% off of the hook. We arrived at the airport 3 hours before departure.

Waiting at the airport was a downer; since Besties' flight was over delayed for an hour or two due to some aircraft issues. Well; it is better than crashing down anyways and besides, patience made us through this time ;)

While waiting at the Airport...

The best thing we ever heard was the announcement that we can finally board the aircraft. Thank goodness! wheew!
Who's in the middle??.. hahahha

We arrived in Aklan Airport way passed our expected time. The sun was setting as we set foot at the jetty port after a 2 hour drive from Aklan to the port. This is one of the reasons why people opt to land in Caticlan as it is near the Jetty port. Though, some who would wish to see more greens would choose to travel via Aklan route. We prayed that we won't have to wait for another day to go to the "WHITE BEACH!". The boat we used to travel on a peaceful water strode along the dock of Boracay's west coast. There we had to ride a tricycle to go to Blue Mango Inn.

Jetty Port at night

Finally, at 8PM, we saw BLUE MANGO INN's signage. This was where we decided to stay for our visit in Boracay! The staffs are accommodating, and they panicked for a long delay. However, they greeted us with a warm welcome plus sumptuous dinner " ON THE HOUSE!". There are other finest accommodations you can choose in Boracay. The accommodations range from 3 star to 5 star hotels. The option to stay here were mostly due to the ratings and suggestions of past visitors of Blue Mango Inn, found in

Blue Mango's Cozy Resto ambiance

Awaiting the delicacies.. Note: i didn't win a gold medal, 'twas our room key :)
Gutom na! (Hungry!)

After having dinner, we didn't have much to do  except to have a good, relaxing sleep! zzzzzzz....

On early morning, we were served with an American breakfast. we chose to stay at our veranda than going to the resto. The bacon was superb! This is now the official breakfast goodies of the Besties ;)

Sleepyheads.. awaken at last!

The next thing to do was to get ready in exploring BORACAY. It took us about 2 hours in preparing! Blame it on the "Girls are just GIRLS!" thing ;). Before we went here; we decided on what to bring. So, we made a list of the must-bring things in Boracay. Beach wear; sandals; sunblock; camera; and undies. A major must-bring is your ATM.

Swim attires fashion shoot

Hot and Crazy

At the garden just in front of our family suite room

Sexy Jo

swing in the middle of the garden

Hey sexy ladies

Me.. not baring it all

woot woot

Jeh the man.. este the girl.. hahaha

Jo. Ris, Jeh and Gie(THE BESTIES) on their swimming attires

Besties next stop was "ON THE BEACH": the view is grand! the place was how it was on a postcard and way much better as it gave us a "JUMP IN OUR HEARTS" by simply being there!

 Next stop: PIMP OUR SKIN! (Tattoos everywhere! We chose henna.. or our parents will kill us had we opted for permanent ;p)
Jojo's flower-back

Risa's chest-star

Gina's butterfly

Next Stop: Enjoying the beach with its salty-splash and a stop in Bulabog Beach for the banana boat ride!

Sorry guys.. the one who took the pics on the splash on the beach needed some focus!

The culprit! At least she managed to put herself on the lens's center

We took a multi-cab going to Bulabog. One thing in Boracay is that you wouldn't be ashamed traveling in 2-piece just like Jeh. No one will care how you look like; so we can just be ourselves!

The Bulabog Beach, the beach on the other side of the White Beach... known for it's good water current for surfing and kite boarding

The ride and the splash was a pleasant experience indeed. We decided to explore the beach and had a good drinks and party at night!

We retired early after the GIRLS TALK. And what we learned was that in BORACAY, TAN IS IN! Exotic is beauty; and we are just but mediocre in the island.

When the day breaks, we get ready again for an adventure.

Had a tiring but fun-filled day, and BESTIES grab some Pizza treat

At night, great massage had been our treat. Our body needs some pampering after getting physically exhausted...
We took the liberty of taking pictures at the Blue Mango Inn where we got the BEST accommodation in Boracay.

Early morning on the 12th, we rushed back home with a heavy heart... it seems the time is so limited and leaving a PARADISE was not an easy thing to do..

BESTIES had a great time! Being together, whenever, wherever is an achievement for a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


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