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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting Personal with Jojo

Sarah or Jojo is known to be our "hot fashionista". Her attractive eyes show how she is as a lover. Look into her eyes; and surely you will be captured by her alluring beauty. What's more than meets the eye, can be read as you go through this interview with her. Read on...

Name: Sarah Joy Namocatcat
Nickname: Sarah or Jojo
Birth date: June 3
Status: Single

On Friendship:
BOG: Who are you in the group, BESTIES?
Jojo: the lazy one... also the "maarts" as they say..

BOG: Who among the members of BESTIES do you feel confiding more and why?
Jojo: All of them... it depends upon who's available at the time i need someone to talk to...

BOG: What is the funniest memory you have with the BESTIES?
Jojo: it's really too many to mention...

BOG: And the saddest?
Jojo: thank God, none so far...

Personal Questions (FHM sort) :)

BOG: Are you currently in a relationship?
Jojo: um.....

BOG: What do you think is your best asset that drives the men crazy?
Jojo: they say i'm hot hahaha!!!

BOG: What turns you on?
Jojo: no nonsense when talking

BOG: What turns you off?
Jojo: opinionated men...

BOG: What is your ideal man?
Jojo: responsible, sensitive person.. and goal oriented.. and oh, with sense of humor and smart.. blah... blah.. blah...

BOG: Your stand in same sex relationship?
Jojo: i'm okay with it..

BOG: Your stand in May-December affair?
Jojo: it's fine..

BOG: Do you believe in marriage?
Jojo: not anymore... i did when i was young though...

BOG: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Jojo: i have another son/daughter... and still beautiful and ehem.. sexy hahaha!!! :)

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