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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Personal with Risa

Risa, a lady with a beautiful face. She shyly smile to people and talk only to those she trusts so much. She is known as "the Alicia Silverstone" look-alike. What is beyond her good looking face?  Let's have a look at Risa, up-close and personal.

Name: Clarisse U.
Nickname: Clarisse/Risa
Birth date: October 31
Status: Single

On Friendship:
BOG: Who are you in the group, BESTIES?
Risa: I am tagged as the most quiet among the Besties. I, too am the kindest and most thoughtful among them.. Ehem! Besties have the right to remain silent in case of any arguments on my self-evaluation! hehhehe

BOG: Who among the members of BESTIES do you feel confiding more and why?
Risa: All of them. It depends on what situation I need their advices on. Each members of the Besties has their own strength and knowing those strengths enables me to confide on the right person :)

BOG: What is the funniest memory you have with the BESTIES?
Risa: A lot! But, I treasured memories when we can talk anything under the sun; including crazy stuff :)

BOG: And the saddest?
Risa: ahhhh..... when we, Gina and Jojo had a miscommunication, we didn't talk for almost a year! But that was over; so, no sad memories now :)

Personal Questions (FHM sort) :)

BOG: Are you currently in a relationship?
Risa: That's for me to know keep secret and for you to find out.

BOG: What do you think is your best asset that drives the men crazy?
Risa: My sense of humor and sexy body...hehehe and everything when those two don't count <wink, wink>

BOG: What turns you on?
Risa: A man with beautiful eyes,red lips, with sense of humor and I can talk to, easily.

BOG: What turns you off?
Risa: Insensitive people. People like that can drive me crazy. They should learn to think of others ; other than themselves, don't you think? (BOG agreed!)

BOG: What is your ideal man?
Risa:My ideal man would be someone who is thoughtful and would accept me with open arms regardless of who I am.

BOG: Your stand in same sex relationship?
Risa: It's OK, as long as they are happy.... go!go! go! hahahha

BOG: Your stand in May-December affair?
Risa: It's ok too.

BOG: Do you believe in marriage?
Risa: Yeah, of course!

BOG: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Risa: A successful business woman and with another beautiful child. Hopefully, a girl this time :)  and of course; I am with my loving husband by then :)