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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting Personal with Teng

Teng is a head-turner. She possessed "the smile" that captures your heart. But what is behind this smile. Let's have a look at Teng, up-close and personal.

Name: Ma. Cristina F. Yumul
Nickname: Teng; Tenggay
Birth date: January 10
Status: separated by choice

On Friendship:
BOG: Who are you in the group, BESTIES?
Teng: I am the Joker of the group. I blurted words and they started to laugh :)

BOG: Who among the members of BESTIES do you feel confiding more and why?
Teng: Gina. Because we get more attached since my early years in Claret up to now. The rest though are also my true friends.

BOG: What is the funniest memory you have with the BESTIES?
Teng: Whenever we meet up; it's hilarious! the personal jokes; the slip-of-the-tongue comments.. all is but crazy! (laugh!)

BOG: And the saddest?
Teng: When we had to part ways.. well, it's part of what we've become anyways.. At least, we're back together :)

Personal Questions (FHM sort) :)

BOG: Are you currently in a relationship?
Teng: Yes, happily committed to someone very kind and loving :)

BOG: What do you think is your best asset that drives the men crazy?
Teng: Everything about me? <laugh> well, i guess my kissable lips? Would you agree on that? ;)

BOG: What turns you on?
Teng: Expressive eyes; caring and loving heart

BOG: What turns you off?
Teng: Immature! No sense of responsibility! In short; a man wearing pants but no balls!

BOG: What is your ideal man?
Teng:I found him already :) It's for you to keep browsing at my facebook :)

BOG: Your stand in same sex relationship?
Teng: Not against it; but not into it :)

BOG: Your stand in May-December affair?
Teng: What's that? hahhaha! It sounds funny.. well, it is fun for sure.

BOG: Do you believe in marriage?
Teng: Yes but it goes with the second chances :)

BOG: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Teng: Let's wait and see.. i don't know what life will give me.. but, i will cherish everything I have right now and who knows 5 yrs from now, i would definitely know that the path i took is the right path for me.


Teng has been blessed with a wonderful baby girl where all the Besties are the Godmothers :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


They said that you can't have everything in this life. And people should know their priorities. I had seen and read people listed how their priorities are ranked and more often than usual; Love and Career rank one or two among these priorities.