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Saturday, June 25, 2011

BESTIES' Laguna-Jacuzzi Adventure

ADVENTURE DATE: June 8, 2011
BESTIES DESTINATION: City of Springs in Laguna


Laguna is well-known for its hot springs and good breeze. It is situated in the south of Manila and can be reached through buses, vans and even personal cars. It will take at least 3 hours to go there. Famous for its healing power; the hot springs come from the legendary Mt. Makiling. Mt. Makiling is one of the dormant volcanoes in the Philippines. A lot of people go to Laguna to relax and get healed by bathing on sulfuric hot water. People who would love to pamper themselves to relax would surely love Laguna's Hot springs!


With the many resorts and hotels that offer hot-spring pools; the BESTIES opted to stay in one of the resorts of Splash Mountain . We got a slot to stay in deluxe room with JACUZZI in City of Springs. The resort is secluded than other resorts in Laguna as it is also a home for retirees. It has outdoor pool, indoor pool, slides and of course indoor Jacuzzi aside from resto and bars that can be used by the GUESTS. Pity that we knew about the Videoke just before we checked-out :( We had but just a few pictures to show from our mobile cameras; however, i grabbed some pictures of the resort from their website.

Outdoor pool (hot springs)

Private Pool

Risa and I had to go shopping for some goodies and drinks in one of the shopping malls there. Jojo was still on her way to the resort at that time. She had to finish her shift before she can go with us. The main reason why we went here is to relax and get away from the hustles of BIG CITY. The plan: to get soaked in warm water and to get naked in Jacuzzi full of hot springs and MILK! Magnificent plan eh?! :)

Well, we pushed-through the plan and nope no naked pictures allowed!

JOJO awaiting the fun :)

The experience was fun-filled. Little by little we got used to the heat of the water and played, relaxed and had a good chit-chat. It soothed our muscles and once again we got rejuvenated. I think my stress nodes disappeared after this bath. It's great to take a bath with friends; it keeps the bond stronger and the secrets more intact :)

The JACUZZI inside our room

At night, we had our drinking session. sad to say, i got easily knocked-off by ANTONOV. The taste was good though! We did miss Ate Jeh who was on her hibernating mode that time. And because we missed her; she became one of the topics during the drinks.. hahhaha.. Peace ate Jeh, we just missed you that much!

Risa and Jojo

Gina and Risa (almost wasted)

Better shot i guess :)
Drunk, wasted ME

Jojo and Gina

DAY 2: DAY 2: I woke up early as I slept earlier than them remember? :) So, I tried to wake them up by talking to them and bouncing the bed hahhahaa... A sip of coffee plus a puff of cigarette accompanied me in my breakfast! They didn't wake up! Alas, at 10 am they opened their eyes.. hahahha.. The clock was ticking and we have but just a little time prior to check-out; so made the most of it. We again enjoyed the jacuzzi, roam the resort , eat, took a bath again and again and made up for the trip.


Ever-readiness! hihihi

Besties Escapades ends here and Laguna hot springs will always be on our list of a relaxing vacation! Until our next stop :)

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