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Friday, July 1, 2011


They said that you can't have everything in this life. And people should know their priorities. I had seen and read people listed how their priorities are ranked and more often than usual; Love and Career rank one or two among these priorities.

We all know that career helps you boost your financial side; help you go buy your dream house, cars, gadgets or the most, your food. Love, on the other hand nurtures your emotional side. By any reasons, love is listed as a must-have for personal fulfillment. But, WHAT IF LOVE AND MONEY COLLIDE? What will you prioritize if you can't have both?

These questions poked me as I've been on this state for quite a long time now. It's kind of difficult to choose between the two as I have been raised to know that their importance are of almost same bearing. I suddenly realized that the importance of love and career varies in my life depending on my age. As I grow a little bit wiser each year; the weight of love becomes lesser than money.

Let me recount my past life to provide better argument on this:

During my teen-age years, between 13-21 years old, I am love-blinded and my world revolves around it. I couldn't stay single for just a week. I couldn't sleep without thinking of my crushes then. I couldn't see myself doing the things I did then; without considering how the opposite sex would probably react. Maybe, that's the reason why I got married at an early age. At this point, Love was more important than Money. Needless to say; that Money has no bearing at all.

Maturity period started when i reached 22-25. I started thinking of my responsibilities; yet, i never doubted that love's still essential. On this period, i understood that money's vital for me and my kids to survive. At this point, LOVE had an equal bearing as that of MONEY.

At the age of 26 until now, i got so pissed off of how my dreams were coming to extinction. I immediately acted upon the needs to fulfill my dreams. Career changed was needed. Long hours in the office; short coffee breaks, no time to go out with friends and a lot more had been given; just to ensure that I can have my house, my car, my bank account! Where is the love? Out of sight; not even on the list. MONEY overtook LOVE in terms of importance. Actually it knocked LOVE down!

At this point, I've been thinking if I am happy. The love and money collide in my life. They cannot be together or one will suffer over the other. I don't think I am happy. Something is missing and i know the missing part is essential for me to be happy.

I'm thinking whether after a few years it will go back to the time wherein love is more important than money. Who knows? But i wish, when that time comes; I don't have to worry about having no money at all :)


  1. the way i see it - both are important. one without the other and something feels like missing.

    But i think, but there's more to life than love and money, the intangibles, so to speak.

    I mean, look at mother tHEresa and how she lived her life - no romance, no bucks, but i sure think she enjoyed every minute of her breath.

  2. like button especially built for blogs should be uploaded here; so, i can like your comment :)

    Well, Mother Theresa married Jesus :)
    What makes you happy matters most i guess.