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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'd Rather Leave while I'm in Love

 the video is courtesy of  jeahlinah01

"Too many times i've seen the rose died on the vine..
when somebody's heart gets broken..
usually, it's mine"

Yes, i felt the love; longed for it and left me broken. It is sad when love gave you the feelings that had been wonderful in the beginning and killed you in the end. I've been there, and the hurt re-kindles whenever a new love comes in.

And there you are...
Smiling the same old smile; saying the same old theme; bringing back a skip in my heart...
I've seen them before.. and it pains to know that you can hurt me too in the end..

I'm saving myself from the hurt..
I will just love you in my dreams; because i still believe in Love
I will try to keep my fantasies alive.. in me.. ONLY in ME!

I will go before you open your eyes..
Please understand that I'm also saving you from the pain
Let us not start it out..

It's just too sad..
that you fell on a LOSER like me..
But, this loser wins in being ALONE..
Where being alone becomes a great refuge..

I'll say good-bye with your hello..
you bring forth Love, i'll let it go..
in the end, i must admit
when i'm in love, I'd rather LEAVE...

-Makaveli G's thoughts-

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  1. Love needs a second chance

  2. thanks for the comment.
    Yes,indeed love needs a second chance..
    but,i guess i'm done with my 7th chance? ;P