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Monday, December 12, 2011

Besties 2011 Christmas Party at Robinsons' Fairview

Date: December 10, 2011
Venue: Bulalo Bar at Robinsons' Fairview

December marks the time for sooo many PARTIES! Well, for Besties, the much-awaited one is our very own Christmas Party that we customarily hold before Christmas :)

We decided to celebrate Christmas all together; but, this time in a place easily accessible to Risa. Where else but in Robinsons' Fairview where her RTW stall is located.

There's this place known as Bulalo Comedy Bar just across The National Bookstore of Robinsons' Fairview. We voted to hold our Christmas Party there.

We initially assembled at Risa's stall, just near the HUGE CHRISTMAS TREE. The call-time was 6PM. Teng came in very early at 5:30 while the rest went there of course way late after 6PM :p

The Comedy Bar has "kubos" (nipa huts) where we opted to be seated. There was a minimal charge of 2K PHP but consumable. Fair enough! The food was ok. Then we ordered margaritas. We don't know what's in it; but, we were sober in just 2 drinks! Ok, 'twas a lie! We were wasted! hahahha

Jeh invited some of her male friends/co-workers. They were put on hot spot throughout the night hehe..

It was a memorable Christmas party indeed! And we really missed one another..

The Besties with Jeh's Friends

Risa, Jojo and Gina

Edna, Mic-mic, Gina, Risa and Yeng

Gina and Jeh

Jeh, Jojo and Mic-mic

Edna, Teng, Risa and Gina

Jojo, Gina and Jeh

We all know that there will be many more Christmases that we will be celebrating together! Awaiting how will 2012 treat the Besties well ;)

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