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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finding Mr. RIGHT

I didn't know what gave me in to browse in one of the articles about "10 TIPS for Finding Mr. RIGHT". And hate to admit that i'm writing about it now! :)

Well, there could be dozens of reasons; but one thing is for sure, this has something to do about the Besties. So, i reevaluated our situations based on the 10 TIPS in finding Mr. Right.

According to the article, the 10 TIPS in finding Mr. Right are:

1. Get a life - "The most important thing is to be Ms. Right yourself. Finding the right man is not going to change you into a better person than you already are. If you are lazy and self-centered, finding a generous hard working fellow is not going to transform you. If you are boring and a one-dimensional person, finding an intellectually challenging man is not going to change who you are. Learn how to be interesting, kind, caring, and unselfish. Model yourself after women you admire. Work hard at changing your character defects."

BESTIES self- evaluation: We do have a LIFE :) We have good education, well-mannered and self-reliant. And we are 1 step in finding Mr. Right.

2. Evaluate your physical attractiveness - "Not everyone is Ms. America. Nobody looks like the models in magazines. We each have something going for us though. Find out what your best feature is and accentuate it. Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Do not try to be a size 6 if you are really a size 12. Accept yourself for who you are, but don’t use that as an excuse to let yourself go either. Some men like a woman with a little meat on her bones, but no one wants a slob. Big can be beautiful if you manage things correctly."

BESTIES self- evaluation: Man, if this is the second tip; we better move on the next, 'cause WE ACE THIS :)

3. Know what you are looking for in a man - "Ask yourself where you want to be in twenty-five years. What type of person do you want to become? How will your choices now influence that outcome? Try to think beyond your nose for a few minutes. Look down the road. Be honest. What does your heart desire? Just a paycheck, children, a companion? What you choose today will have an impact on what you get later. Choose wisely. What looks good now may cause heartache later. What you do now does matter."

BESTIES self- evaluation: Uhmm.. ok, yeah. we should try this one out. We seldom talk about what kind of man we do want to spend our remaining life with. The thing is that,the traits differ as time passed-by and it's hard to keep track on what traits would really make us happy. But one thing is for sure, the guys who would be able to make us fall in-love head over heels should know and understand us well.

4. Rise above past mistakes- "You are not doomed to an endless series of losers. You are half-way to Mr. RIGHT by seeing what you have done wrong in the past. You cannot correct something you did not realize was stupid."

BESTIES self- evaluation: We did have a lot of past mistakes in a relationship. Some was hard to forgive and forget but later on we managed to understand that 'twas a thing of the past and should not trouble us anymore. Those mistakes were not called mistakes after all but experiences. They taught us how to be stronger than what we were then. We do sometimes wish to see them all once more to just laugh about the stupid things we had :) But that is not easy.. what we need are great guts to make this happen. 

5. Talk to your family and friends about the kind of man you want - "Who better knows you and the things you need? Ask them for tips on the type of guy they think you need, and don’t be insulted when they tell you the truth. They probably know you better than you know yourself. Their feedback could be invaluable."

BESTIES self- evaluation: This one should be fused-in to Tip #3. And since we failed to do #3, definitely, this too should be thought about. But for one thing; talking about it with friends are easy but with family is challenging.

6. Be open to matchmaker services and the Internet -  "Using common sense, and seeking reputable services with good references are the basics when going online. Certainly, never agree to meet someone without proper precautions such as meeting in a public place, and having a friend with you or nearby or who knows where you are going and with whom."

BESTIES self- evaluation: We opened ourselves on chats just recently. We still say No to dating services though :) But this Tip just wanted us to show ourselves to the opposite sex and chatting could be a better alternative.

7. Consider blind dates

BESTIES self- evaluation: If meeting other people beyond your league or people whom we never thought we will go out with is included on this tip; then, yeah we already opened ourselves on blind dates. 

8. Look in places where you would expect to find someone with the qualities you value- "If you want someone who cares, look at the local soup kitchen and see who is volunteering on Saturday afternoons. If you want someone who is good with kids, look for a coach or a teacher or a mentor. If you want a generous guy, ask yourself: Who in your crowd has a generous spirit?"

BESTIES self- evaluation: This make sense; but, we need to know the qualities we wanted for our Mr. Right.

9. Expect a human being, not someone perfect- "No one is going to be everything you have ever dreamed of. Give the guy a break. You already know that you are not Ms. Perfect. He will make mistakes too. Relax a little and don’t be too picky. Allow for human frailty. Look beyond physical attractiveness. You don’t want a slob any more than he does, but he doesn't have to be Mr. Hunk either."

BESTIES self- evaluation: Picky? Us? yeah, sometimes.. but, we know that no one is perfect. The Mr. Right should at least get 7 traits we wanted out of 10.

10. Be patient - Rome was not built in a day. It may take some time to discover what appeals to you and why. You may make a few friends, and even break a heart or two. You may get hurt. Keep at it. There are good men out there. You simply need to know where to look.

BESTIES self- evaluation: Patience is a virtue and if 20 years of waiting is not enough; then, patience will be out of value :)

The article indeed made us think things over. However, if we find Mr. Right; are we their Ms. Right? Besties already did the 7 out of these 10 Tips. Are we really that close in finding Mr. Right? What if he already came to our lives and lost him? Do we still get the chance to find the perfect mate? 

To our valued readers, we are not going to give you tips; but ponder on this: "Life is what we make it. No matter how close we are in finding our perfect partners; obstacles will come along the way. It is up to you to step on the rocks and stones and even broken glasses to make it through. That is the only way a man/woman can find his/her true happiness. We must accept that nothing in this world is perfect. But it is possible to meet one not-so-perfect guy that could make our lives seem perfect :) xoxo