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Sunday, February 6, 2011

BESTIES' Coron, Palawan Adventure

Adventure Date: Oct 9-12 2010
Besties Destination: Coron, Palawan

Besties decided to go and visit Coron, the Philippines Last frontier.
On Oct. 9,2010, Besties flew to Coron, Palawan through Airphils and landed in Busuanga Airport.

We were picked-up at the airport as arranged by Ralph's Pension House; where we decided to stay in Coron.

We arrived at the Pensionne House after a 30-min drive. By looking at stairways, we thought that Ralph's Pensionne House was small; however, once we entered the main door, it was HUGE indeed! and artistically designed by the owner, himself.

We settled in our room, and a few minutes led us to change for our DAY1 trip. At first,we decided to explore the town and grab a few bites.

After having lunch, we headed for a climb at Mt. Tapyas. Dear Lord, the view is fascinating and as we climbed up, we thought it never ends! For everyonewho would wish to take a marvelous shots; then this is the place.

After a high climb, we headed at Mt. Maquinit, to relax our aching bodies and to soothe our senses.

We retired well in the Pensionne house after Besties sweet night chit-chat.
The following day, we headed for a tour. First stop: kayangan lake and twin lagoon; where we had to still climb a hill to view the site and take a plunge ;)

Then we headed to a secluded island with white beach on it to eat lunch. I should say great lunch at the CYC beach!

After a delectable lunch, the boat glided towards Ship wreck,siete picados, and barracuda where we fed fish; dove and definitely had a good swim. The ship wreck is marvelous! so many fish in the ocean and they're BIG!

We went back to the Pensionne house and took our dinner. After an hour of preparation; we scouted some places to party and ended up in Subasco bar where we had our margaritas.

We had to rest to prepare for our flight; but, to our dismayed it was canceled and was re-booked the following day. Sad to say, we weren't prepared for the delays.. so we opted to look at the entire coron town for places and food. We also checked some more accommodations for friends who would visit the place soon.

At long last, a call was received that we can finally go back home. 'twas a memorable stay in Coron where nature enthusiasts must pay a visit.

The Coron adventure ends here.. But, BESTIES never ends their friendship. So, 'til our next visit ;)

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