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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Astral's Plume Tablet 0.5 (Prologue): The Child of Endless Swords

by Kyle Luna on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 6:01pm

My father was referring to my "Endless Sword Style", a style I crafted myself while he was patrolling the Arcana Sphere a year ago. It got its name as everyone is calling me  "The Child of Endless Swords". They said that my sword-handling skill is too smooth for a beginner. Since then, i officially called it the "Endless Sword".

"So, how is your Endless Sword Style? Are you making a good progress?" my dad asked, staring at me with critical thoughts.

"Mmmm-hmmm~ I've already made and mastered the 7th movement!" I said, showing a sign of pride with what I've done.

"Truly great! To have a style of your own at an age of 19 is indeed remarkable!" he replied with a much louder voice than the usual, having a positive aura around him.

Out of curiosity, mother put on the table the cup of tea she was holding; and asked,
"Luna, when did you learn the Moonlight Sword Style? Of all the 8 style; not mentioning your "Endless" (pointing at me) since it's not yet official, yours is a truly powerful and graceful style I have ever seen in my life! (happily glaring at my dad)"

"Well, I created it when I was 152 years old, I was just a Celestial Knight and a bashful teen those days." he replied, scratching the back of his head.

"Oh, it's already dark." my mom said. "Let's go to bed now. Good night, Anxel! Good night, Luna! Have a peaceful sleep!"

"Good night, Lobelia." dad said in a peaceful and soft voice.

"Good night, mom!" I shouted.

Weeks have passed, everything seems calm and fine. No signs of danger and threat, just like a land that has never been explored. Its beauty never ceases, the land is only getting more and more beautiful as time goes by. Until one day, I woke up late.

"Oh, the sun is too bright already, and why is it noisy outside?" I said to myself.

When I got outside, I've seen something terrible, so terrible that I thought everything is just a dream. I slapped myself three times to get over it, until I realized I wasn't dreaming...

Splashes of blood appeared right before me, along with the injured and lifeless villagers. It was a total carnage. The lush green grass of the village was painted red with blood. Everyone is getting killed mercilessly, like helpless animals slaughtered at a slaughterhouse. I trembled at the scene. My feet were nailed to where I was standing. I got confused why it is happening right now in front of me. While I was in the state of depression, a voice called me out and breaks the imaginary spell that was binding me in our doorsteps. It was my father.

"Anxel! Don't go farther away from the door!" he shouted to me without looking, for he was fighting a well-armored creature, having tons of weapons I have not seen in my entire life. They look like us, but something is noticeable, they have no wings.

"I never thought humans have turned into a monstrosity like this! This is not the humans I once protected!" my father shouted, looking at his foe. It seems that he is fighting one of the generals of the opposition.

"Monstrosity? HAHAHAHAHA! You're making me laugh! We just want the Asgardium you have here in this petty little island!" the general said in a cold, monotonous way.

"How did you chart the island that must be invisible to your eyes? Why do you have the power the demon is wielding? And most of all, how can you use such a powerful spell without using a plume?" dad asked curiously.

"No more lame questions! I'll send you into Hell itself! Hellian Bane Skill: Phantom Slash!"

It was too fast, everything happened in a blink of an eye. My father and the general went down in just mere seconds, gravely wounded. It was the first time I've seen my father in a horrible state. I noticed that he grinned, then mention something that made the opposition really angry.

"Heh... How do you like the taste of my Moonlight Sword? Now you can't move an inch! I thought you're strong, but I didn't expect you this weak! These slices don't mean a thing to me... Now, your army will fall, not having a general to command them. It is a loss for you."

"Heheheheheh... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Even I can't move and command my troops right now, do you really think OUR army will fall?" the general said, smiling confidently but groaning from the pain.

"What?! That's madness!! You don't mean--" said father, surprised in what his thoughts have discovered. It looks like he was dominated by the reality.

"Yeah... This army has 7 generals in total... Quite a number, isn't it? I think I've stalled enough time for our preparation to extract the Asgardium... Witness as it arrives..." the general said, pointing his hand towards the sky.

Dark clouds swirled across the sky, tainting the sunlight with an eerie aura, stones that are not attached to the ground suddenly levitated, but that's not what I'm worried about. One thing really caught my attention, and it was the big molten rock above us, ready to fall and eliminate us in one full sweep. Looking at the pattern of the skill, one thing is for sure, it was an alchemical magic, possibly forbidden due to its power to destroy an entire continent. It was really a nightmare for me, And like how my father looked at it, I already knew.... was too late.

"Hahahahaha!! Slash it to save your land!! But I know you can't, because you're a Valkyrion!" taunted the wounded general, still groaning from the pain he got from the Moonlight Sword Style.

"Damn, this is no good! It will scatter around the world and slay innocent people if I slash it to pieces... Anxel, quick! Go to the basement of our house! This is far too dangerous!" father shouted.

I sprinted to the basement upon hearing my father's words. I was questioning myself back then. Why I didn't help? I was such a coward. I have all the skills, but what's the use of that? I was engulfed by fear in those times, trembling, crying, until I heard the basement door opened. I've put up a defensive stance to be ready to counter once threat comes to my way, but it was not what I've expected... It was my mother, but it's the first time I've seen her so serious...

"Anxel, come with me." she said, wearing a saddened-struck face. It was like she just finished crying, maybe because of the event happening right then.

She went straight into the 16th panel of the basement floor. I was shocked to see it open, but the more shocking view was the portal under it. I was baffled at some point, but my mother cleared the questions in my head.

"This portal will lead you to Seraphica; there, you must find Seraphim, one of the goddesses of heavens chosen by the Almighty. Tell her that Senatus... have fallen." she said to me in a mellow voice, quite weary and defeated.

Suddenly, tears gushed out of my eyes. I can't resist the urge to cry. This sorrow for me is without equal, I can't seem to think straight. I feel like I was stabbed directly into my heart. The pain, the pain is... unbearable... This feeling, everything is so complicated, and I'm about to burst. I'm one step closer to insanity... All of this because of...

"Mom... but, but how about... you... I, I mean... why... is.. (sob)!!!" I cried with all my might.

"But Anxel,... your father and I.... must fight until the... end. I will miss you... my son." She wept and gave me a tight hug, so tight that it felt like I will not be able to see her again. My sorrow just deepened... All this because of...

"Anxel, go now!!" my mother commanded, her tears away.

"But.." I said and before I knew it, mom pushed me hard towards the portal.

It was cold inside, it created something just like a bubble, cased me up then floated slowly into the sky... From this place, I looked at Senatus and witnessed its destruction..its destruction.. together.. together with..

Mom... and Dad... And all of this... was because of....


Humans that we have protected with all our lives. Humans; I've hoped to serve. Humans; I've hoped to interact with... All ended in hope, but nothing happened... They have become a monster with a greed for power, for tangible things, for thing that would benefit them, only them... But the saddest part was... Mom... Dad... everyone... the Senatus... All those became... memories... the event that took place darkened my heart... permanently... It was their fault, it was THEIR FAULT!!! Why have humans turn swords against us? WE have done nothing wrong! WE served and protected them willingly! WHY? I thought that if you give something good to humans, they would show kindness in return... Was I mistaken?

I arrived at Seraphica, really hungry, I only have an unlit torch and a sword with me. I have looked everywhere to hunt. Luckily; there were some strange animals, more like a merman, not far from me... I knew that it's something edible, because it was a Gracos, the one that is being hunted during a royal feast. But, killing a Gracos is no easy task, only elite Celestial Knights are assigned to hunt it, successful but most of the time, they are wounded by this spear-carrying beasts. Since I'm hungry, I have no choice but to face the dangers, or I'll die with an empty stomach. I swiftly killed the Gracos without having even a single scratch... I knew; that before I eat it, I must do something...

"Grace from the heavens, to complete the cycle of your life, I will calm your enrage spirit, and accept your body to fuse into mine in the form of and edible meal.... Seraphic Skill of Heavens: ABSOLVE!"

It seems like the spirit has calmed down. I lit the torch and cooked it... While I was eating, a group of Seraphs approached me, baffled and surprised by what they just saw.

"Did you kill that Gracos all by... yourself?" one of them asked, amazed and enchanted by a sight that really looked appealing to him.

"Yeah..." I replied in a low tone...

"Woah!! that's great news!! I'll report this to the Apus immediately, and I think you will be granted an audience with her Highness." one of them shouted.

That was the start. I told the Queen what happened to Senatus. I was trained to hone my skills more, I've finally mastered the 8th, 9th, and 10th movement of Endless Sword Style. At the time I reached 100 years, I was appointed as an official Sentinel, and shortly after that, I became one of Valkyrion's generals in the age of 101. I was always lawful to humans, even though they have done something awful to me, I still live to protect them. Then, after months of being a general, an urgent mission was assigned to me by her Highness, Seraphica.

"Anxel, I'm sure you are aware of the awakening of Hellios' troops. trying to unseal their master to wreck havoc and dominate the Arcana Sphere once more." she said in a soft, heavenly voice.

"The words have reached my ear, your Highness. What actions do you want me to perform in order to bring peace once more?" I gently asked.

"There is one. I want you to take the legendary sword Taldrasil and bring it to fight once more. Hellios' right-hand demon, Lemendrakar, has become far stronger than Hellios himself. I'm sure you will be recognized by the legendary sword because of your pure reasons."

"I will do as you bid, your Highness." I said, took a bow, then leave for the quarters to prepare for my departure to Arcana Sphere, and end the darkness lurking there and giving a malicious aura that suffocates humans, just like a miasma.

No one has ever heard of me since then.


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