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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting personal with Gina

Tagged as "mommy G" to many; yet, you may or may not know the secrets behind this woman's life. Let's take a short glimpse.

Name: Gina Basa Luna
Nickname: Gie; mommy G
Birth date: October 9
Status: separated with 2 grown-up sons

On Friendship:
BOG: Who are you in the group, BESTIES?
Gie: I don't see myself as the leader of the pack as we lead each other well in many different ways. Let's just say that I am the one who make things complicated on BESTIES' dates; because I either "don't show up", or the late-comer, and they (members) have known me as a person with no sense of direction.

BOG: Who among the members of BESTIES do you feel confiding more and why?
Gie: well, it depends who is available (laugh). I had the chance to confide with Jojo, Tengay, Risa and Jeh in many occasions. Currently, I would say, it's Risa because she always has the time to listen and be there when I needed the most. Playing safe, I had those times too with the rest :)

BOG: What is the funniest memory you have with the BESTIES?
Gie: Gosh! There are so many.. well, funniest, hmm, funniest would mean I did something crazy.. what would that be.. hmm.. it would be the day when I received a call from the office and heard a voice said "Hi, local 106 pls", I tried transferring the call but the line was busy; so i said: "I'm sorry but the line is currently busy, please try to call later". Then, the voice on the other end said: "Gina, dre ikaw ba yan? (Gina, is that you?) T_ng_na m_ si Jojo to, anu  ka ba! Local number mo yun engot! (translation: (cursed)! This is Jojo, that was your local number damned!".. Much is said.. i rolled laughing on the floor.

BOG: And the saddest?
Gie: The saddest would be; when we had misunderstandings as the usual friendships do. It drove me crazy really! I felt so sad and all i ever think of is when the phase will end. Good thing, it usually ends :)

Personal Questions (FHM sort) :)

BOG: Are you currently in a relationship?
Gie: Nothing serious, NO

BOG: What do you think is your best asset that drives the men crazy?
Gie: I don't think they are crazy over me.. hmm, if they are then it could be 'cause of my butt! hahhahaha

BOG: What turns you on?
Gie: When i see expressive eyes; mysterious words and anything that would put me in a Bonnie and Clyde experience. hahahaha

BOG: What turns you off?
Gie: Loud men; louder than me hahhaha.. and self-centered person.

BOG: What is your ideal man?
Gie: Well, a guy who will be besides me through thick and thin. He should at least have ways of making me happy and who would pamper me and would carry the relationship. I am tired of being the dominant person in a relationship. I would love to be the baby sometimes :)

BOG: Your stand in same sex relationship?
Gie: I have nothing against it. I find it interesting though :)

BOG: Your stand in May-December affair?
Gie: Possible, very interesting.. hmm scary as most of the times it doesn't end well :)

BOG: Do you believe in marriage?
Gie: I believe that mutual relationship stands more on longevity than marriage alone. Good thing if you and your husband has mutual understanding. I call them gifted couple. Marriage is but a piece of paper that cost too far expensive than real love.

BOG: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Gie: I see myself sitting in a hammock near the beach while leaning on a protective shoulder of a man i would cherish all my life :) Kikay lang po! hahahha

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